Like most people, you probably have a few questions about speech therapy services. And that’s okay.

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Speech and language therapy can begin as early as infancy and is beneficial at any age. Early intervention, however, often leads to better outcomes as it targets issues before they become ingrained habits. If you’re on the fence, call or email us for a consultation.

Not necessarily. You can contact Sol Speech & Language Therapy to begin treatment without a doctor’s referral. However, if you are going through insurance, your insurance plan may require prior authorization and/or a doctor’s referral before treatment is covered. Once Sol has a copy of your insurance card, as well as the client’s name and date of birth, our billing team and can check to see what is needed to initiate services. You can also call your insurance provider directly for information.

Speech development in very young children is a process. It begins with simple cooing and babbling, then becomes sound vocalizations, before eventually becoming words, phrases, and sentences.

While each child progresses at their own rate, there are certain milestones they’re expected to reach by certain ages.

Some of the signs your child may need speech therapy treatments for kids include:

  • Making no attempt at vocalizing
  • Not smiling
  • Not laughing
  • Not making eye contact
  • Not interacting much or at all with others

These signs may be alarming, but the good news is that early intervention has been shown to be very effective at treating children with speech & language development issues.

When some folks think of speech therapy treatments, they might think of things like speech therapy for stuttering , or speech therapy for stroke recovery. These are both very valid reasons to seek out a speech therapist. But there’s more to it than that.

Speech & language issues in children can cause stuttering, lisping, or pronouncing words unusually. But they can also cause issues with their self esteem.

Additionally, it can signify deeper issues, like a learning disability or hearing issues.

These issues can cause trouble in social situations, causing your child to have trouble developing their social skills.

For these reasons, speech therapy for kids can make a big difference in helping your child thrive today, and to grow into healthier, better adjusted adults.

Each speech therapy appointment is a half hour long, with some exceptions. However, the number of treatments is difficult to predict. Each person is different, so each treatment plan is also different. You or your child may see immediate improvement, or it might be more gradual.

Either way, we’ll evaluate your progress regularly and report back to you on what your speech therapy outlook is like.

For many people, the frustration caused by their speech condition is enough to seek out treatment.

However, there are a number of other difficulties you might find on top of your condition. One of the most significant ones is self esteem. Not being able to communicate can lead to loneliness and social isolation. It can create difficulties in your interpersonal relationships in your personal, professional, and romantic life. It can get in the way of advancing in your career, and cause a great deal of social anxiety.

In many cases, speech therapy for adults can help you find relief.

Currently, Sol Speech & Language Therapy is in-network with the following plans: Blue Cross Blue Shield, Tricare, and MultiPlan. We are in the process of credentialing with Medicare and Medicaid.

A pediatrician is a great resource when it comes to many different aspects of your child’s health. However, they don’t always have the training needed to be able to recognize when a child needs a speech therapist.

Rather, pediatricians often take the “wait and see” approach. If you have a concern, many pediatricians will provide you with a referral to see a speech therapist if you insist. If they don’t refer you, however, you don’t need a referral to see us.

If you’re concerned, feel free to reach out to Sol Speech & Language Therapy to book an evaluation. We’ll be able to provide definitive answers and strategies you can use today.

Yes. Speech therapists also work on literacy skills (e.g., phonological awareness), as there is a close relationship between spoken and written language. If your child struggles with reading and writing, an evaluation can determine if therapy might be beneficial.

Regular practice and carryover outside the therapy session is essential. Your therapist will often provide exercises, strategies, or activities for you to do with your child at home and in the community. Consistency and a supportive environment can enhance progress.

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