At Sol Speech & Language Therapy, we offer a variety of different treatments for all speech and language concerns.

However, there are a few areas of special interest that our speech therapy services focus on, at our clinics.

Learn more about each speech disorder or condition we treat below.

Speech sound disorder is an umbrella term, with many disorders falling beneath it. Each is a little different, but they all have a similar effect – they can interfere with your ability to create sounds

One childhood articulation disorder is childhood apraxia of speech, where there’s an issue with the part of your child’s brain that controls the muscles and motor actions required for speech.

Articulation disorders are speech disorders where a child has trouble reaching certain milestones of pronunciation.

Phonological disorders, on the other hand, are related to the linguistic aspects of speech.

Autism spectrum disorder is a condition with a wide range of different associated symptoms.

For some autistic people, they experience no symptoms at all with regard to speech & language. In other cases, they may be completely nonverbal. There is an entire spectrum of symptoms in between as well.

If you have a child who has been diagnosed with autism, we can help.

And if you’re an adult with autism, we can help you better understand your condition and how to develop your social skills around it.

Stuttering might just be the most well-known speech disorder there is. And while it can be frustrating to deal with, speech therapy treatments can help.

If you suspect your child has a stutter, book an appointment right away – early intervention is key to helping your child overcome this disorder.

If you’re an adult with a stutter, though, there is still hope.

Speech therapy can help you manage your anxiety around social situations as well as reduce your symptoms.

Early intervention speech therapy is for babies and young children that are experiencing social, speech and language disorders.

Symptoms vary among children. Your child may have troubles smiling, understanding, not speaking at all or properly, or has trouble playing with other children.

It’s important to diagnose their issue early on and to work with a therapist that can help them overcome their issues and develop better habits to grow into a healthy adult.

If you’re a trans woman or a trans feminine nonbinary person, you almost certainly understand the sting that gender dysphoria can cause.

And while gender dysphoria can have many different sources, a common one is with one’s voice.

Having a voice that feels incongruent with your gender identity can can be stressful, but voice coaching for transgender women at Sol Speech And Language Therapy can help.

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