How Does a Speech and Language Evaluation Work?

How Does a Speech and Language Evaluation Work? | Sol Speech & Language Therapy | Austin Texas

Sol Speech & Language Therapy begins by getting to know your child and building rapport through play and/or conversation.

We then shift to the formal part of the evaluation, which can often be completed through the use of standardized tests, as well as an iPad, a game, or a story.

Sol Speech & Language Therapy always tries to assess a child’s speech and language skills using fun activities to help the child feel at ease.

We also collect a thorough case history from caregivers and observe the child in play/while speaking.

What Does a Speech and Language Evaluation Assess?

A speech and language evaluation provides the speech language pathologist, as well as the family, with valuable information such as:

  • The type of sound errors that occur
  • In which context sound errors occur
  • Whether sound errors are age-appropriate, delayed, or atypical
  • Whether sound errors are linked to anatomy and musculature (e.g., a tongue-tie, tongue thrust, dental occlusion, velopharyngeal insufficency, muscle weakness)
  • What area(s) of language the child is having trouble with (e.g., vocabulary, social language, understanding language, oral expression).
  • Whether the child as atypical voice and/or fluency skills

What Is Included in My Speech and Language Report?

Finally, our speech pathologists will synthesize the information gathered from caregiver report, formal assessment (i.e., standardized testing), and informal assessment (i.e., play, clinical observation, conversation), and complete an evaluation report, which includes the following:

  • background information,
  • information taken from previous evaluations and/or services
  • testing results,
  • speech and language recommendations
  • If, at this point, we believe the child is in need of speech and language therapy, the evaluation will also include a plan of care, made up of short and long term goals to target in therapy sessions.

Every speech and language report is thorough, comprehensive, and personalized for every client.

Upon request, it can be shared with insurance companies, other providers, and/or anyone closely involved with the client’s plan of care.

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