Kelley Brooks

Facilities & Outreach Coordinator

Kelly Brooks Speech Therapist | Sol Speech & Language Therapy | Austin & Round Rock Texas

A passionate communicator and performer, Kelley is currently immersing herself in the world of speech communication and theater at Austin Community College. With a vibrant personality and a love for the arts, her journey is as diverse as her interests.

She is honing her skills in speech communication and theater, where she explores the intricacies of human expression and the power of storytelling.

Her focus on speech communication and theater reflects her deep-seated passion for effective communication and the performing arts. Whether on stage or in conversation, she strives to captivate and inspire her audience.

Beyond her academic pursuits, Kelley finds joy in various hobbies and activities. An avid hiker, she finds solace in nature’s beauty and the serenity of the outdoors. As a singer, actor, and dancer, she embraces the stage as a canvas for artistic expression. In her spare time, Kelley volunteers, giving back to her community and making a positive impact on those around her. And when she’s at home, she enjoys building Lego sets with her 3 feline companions, combining creativity and companionship in equal measure.

Fueled by wanderlust, her love for travel takes her far and wide, exploring new cultures, cuisines, and experiences. Each journey is an opportunity to broaden her horizons and enrich her understanding of the world.

With a zest for life and an unwavering dedication to her craft, she looks forward to a future filled with creativity, connection, and meaningful contributions to both the artistic community and society at large.